-Allision Krull

What truly sets it apart is Jenn's attention to detail -
not only does it offer comprehensive guidance, but the beautiful template design she created elevates the entire experience .

You see, I'm not just your typical designer. I'm a photographer just like you, with the same passion for capturing those heartwarming moments and creating lasting connections with our clients. I know exactly what is needed to build your online presence that is totally authentic to you.

I always give everything my all.

I'm Jenn, nice to meet you!
I'm a creative with a passion in design & photography, lover of Outlander, avocado toast aficionado, Scorpio, dog obsessed, & a realllly huge dreamer!

I offer high-end Showit website and Canva templates designed for photographers.

The templates are all created with love as I pour my heart, soul, and countless hours (did I mention my slight obsession with dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't'?) into creating these digital products.

designer & photographer 

I'm Jenn.

hey there, 


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Expert sock thief
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Ankle herder

Meet Brodie.

Dog mom to the most lovable, rambunctious Aussie Shepard, ever.



From capturing moments as a photographer to designing templates full-time, I've found my happy place and I'm loving every moment of it!

Passionate Creative.

Designer & Photographer

Scotland, time travel, epic romance, and rebellion...this show will have you hooked.


Binge watcher of

He's South African
I'm Canadian
We've been together
for 11 years and counting.

Met working
on cruise ships.

Engaged to
my best friend

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