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Alyssa is a wedding photographer based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia . I worked with Alyssa on the design and development of her new website and created a visual  identity for her brand.

Visual Direction
Alyssa's vision was to evoke luxury, romance and elegance. 

Alyssa Marie Photography


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Elegant  /  romantic  /  LUXURIOUS
   SOPHISTICATED  /   joyful  /  adventurous



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There are no words but also SO MANY to describe my journey working with Jenn. From initial contact to keeping in touch following website delivery (we're bffs now), she has been nothing short of timely, professional, genuine, knowledgeable, and just as enthusiastic about my new site and branding as me! She came up with the PERFECT new logo and color palette for my business, as well as built the most STUNNING website I have ever seen. It truly exceeds all of my expectations, and it elevated my work SO much that I decided to raise my prices! I recently attended a photography workshop, and the photographer hosting it was critiquing my work, and told me she had NO input to give me because my website was so spectacular. That's all thanks to Jenn!!! I would recommend her a million times over, and have actually told the other attendees at the workshop that they NEED to hire her if they're in the market for a new site!! WALK DON'T RUN TO JENN, she will change your business!!!

"I am SPEECHLESS, It truly exceeds all of my expectations, and it elevated my work SO much!"



Working with Jennifer has been an absolute joy. She was able to bring my brand to life through beautiful colors, branding, and now whole new website! I especially appreciate her for the time she put into creating tutorials for me on things like Instagram/website copy, how to operate my new website, & tips on how to optimize SEO. I highly recommend working with her!

" Working with Jennifer has been an absolute joy. I highly recommend working with her!"



After 4 years of putting this off, my dream website is live! Jenn was amazing to work with, listened to exactly what I wanted and made it happen. My website feels so elegant and clean, definitely would hire her again.

"My website FEELS so elegant AND clean, DEFINITELY would hire her again!"



Jennifer truly did amazing on my website! I struggle with technology and websites in particular. I just gave her an idea of what I wanted and what my brand is about and she nailed it! My website is classy, functional and fun to look at! It truly stands out! I can’t recommend her enough!

"Jennifer truly did amazing on
my website,
I can’t recommend her enough!" 


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Custom Website

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